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We purchased our first Bernese from Black Mountain Berners, a male puppy  several years ago. He is the best dog that we have ever owned! Mary Jo was very helpful any time that we needed advice and guidance for Boomer. We enjoy our first one so much that we purchased a female puppy from Mary Jo less than a year ago and we have not been disappointed with the quality of the pups. These dogs are physically sound and have great personalities. The attention and care they received from Mary Jo was so evident. They met us halfway from our home on the western slope and brought both the puppies so we would not have to drive so far which was great! We still stay in contact with her and we would not consider buying a Berner from anyone else."
Mary Jane and Bryan McCoy, Fruita, CO.

"Hi Mary Jo, Millie is heads above our last two Berners as far as looks and confirmation.  Her coat is thick, shiny and healthy.  Our last two Berners had thin coats.  The best part (for Millie and us), is that she is 100% healthy!  Our last two started having health problems at 6 months which lasted for the rest of their lives.  Our vet has claimed Millie as one of the healthiest Berners he has seen.  She is more active than our last two but not in a bad way.  I feel that her stamina is much greater than our last two which is wonderful since we like to hike in the mountains.  She has one drawback which is my fault because I taught her to sit on my lap when I am on the couch.  She is getting so big that I cannot see the TV over her head.  Although I'm not ready to break that habit as I love to hold and pet her.  I call her my little FeeFee lap dog.  We just love her and want to share her with the world.  Thank you so much for letting us be her loving family."
Lorie Williams, Westminster, Colorado

Mary Jo, a young couple from Berthoud just got a pup from you - cute! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much my dog -Diddly -makes life more fun for the many people in her life. Has had great health and is a rock star in the mountains. Daughter of Shultz and Leah. She loves life at the fishing shop and a 15 mile day in the hills is no problem over 50 miles in September alone. My 3rd Bernese she's healthy happy and is our joy everyday. Thanks Bob Todd & Diddly

Meet Bruce!
Son of Schultz and Mia
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